West River Creamery is located at Middletown Farm, which is nestled between 3
mountains in Londonderry, VT. The farm is over 200 hundred acres and is been
an operating dairy farm since 1945, the size of the herd and the nature of the
business has been evolving over the years.

Owner and cheese maker Charlie Parant had been making cheese for several
farmstead cheese producers before starting his own business in 2003. Charlie
first began making cheese in 1980 with the milk from Jane's herd of 20 Nubian
and Toggenberg goats. This is a small family operation where Charlie's family is
involved in all areas of production. Charlie is the cheese maker often assisted by
another family member as they usually use three milkings approximately 4000
pounds of milk. His wife Jane cares for the aging cheeses, daughter Allison
markets the cheese.

At present there are a total of 40 milking cows 1/3 of them being Jersey and the
other 2/3 are Holstein. We do not use rbgh hormones and do use vegetarian
rennet in all our cheeses. Although not a certified organic farm we do use organic
practices. The cows are pastured from May through November. We adhere to
traditional methods of cheese making from stirring and cutting the curd by hand
then carefully one at a time fill the molds. The Cambridge and Londonderry
Reserve are bandaged with cloth that has been cut for each individual wheel. The
aging facility is temperature and humidity controlled - this is when each individual
type of cheese develops its character.

Three families make the production of this cheese possible. Barry and Wendy
Rowland -the owner and stewards of the farm, Nick and Amy Stone who lovingly
care for and milk the herd, Charlie Parant - cheese maker and owner of West
River Creamery. The Parant family has always been involved in agriculture and
believes that working together with the Rowland's and Stones that we can
continue to keep another Vermont dairy farm sustainable.
West River Creamery
Middletown Tomme
Three Mountain Cheese
Glebe Mountain Swiss
Cambridge Reserve
Londonderry Reserve
Smoked Cambridge
Farmhouse Jack
Firehouse Jack
Marinated Feta
Ginger Chevre
MIDDLETOWN TOMME: A brushed natural rind cheese. The texture is firm and incredibly smooth. Savory,
complex with grassy undertones. Wheels are 4-6 lbs. Available in ½ or whole wheels.

THREE MOUNTAIN CHEESE: A washed rind cheese. Semi-soft, bold and smooth, velvety, finishing with a salty
tang. Aged for 60-80 days. Available in 2-3 lbs. wheels. Available in whole wheels.

GLEBE MOUNTAIN SWISS: Natural rind baby Swiss. A 4-5 months aged baby Swiss. Texture is smooth; flavor is
buttery and explodes with a nutty tang. Wheels are 5-6 lbs. Available in ½ or whole wheels.

CAMBRIDGE RESERVE: A traditional clothbound version of our English style farmhouse Cheddar. Aged for a
minimum of one year to develop full complex cheddar flavors. Available in 5-7 pound wheels. Silver Medal Award
Winner Eastern States Cheese Competition 2008 (limited availability)

LONDONDERRY RESERVE: A traditional clothbound version of our English style farmhouse Cheshire. Aged for a
minimum of 9 to 12 months. Available in 5-7 pound wheels. Limited availability until May 2009

EQUINOX: Our newest Natural rind cheese. Oil rubbed with a deep orange colored rind. Texture is hard and
smooth. Flavor is complex with a strong herbal undertones. Available in 2-3 lb wheels.

MARINATED FETA: Our own raw cow's milk feta marinated in grape seed oil, canola oil, sun dried tomato's, garlic,
& herbs. Available in 9 oz tamper proof containers or bulk by request. Great for a green salad or serve on a
baguette. ACS 2008 Award Winner. Bronze Medal Winner Eastern States Cheese Competition 2008.

CAMBRIDGE: English style farmhouse cheddar. Flavor is smooth when young and matures to a full complex taste
that attacks the tongue with age. Wheels are approximately 10 lbs. Available in ½ or whole wheels or random
weight (approx. ½ lb.) pre-pack pieces.  (also available with chipotle)

SMOKED CAMBRIDGE: Our farmhouse cheddar gently smoked with apple wood and hickory. A real New England
favorite. Wheels are approximately 10 pounds. Available in ½ or whole wheels or random weight (approx. ½ lb.)
pre-pack pieces. (Unavailable until late Fall)

LONDONDERRY: English style farmhouse Cheshire. Dry in texture, peachy in color. Mild and lightly salty when
young. Mature cheese acquire more piquancy with age. Wheels are 8-10 lbs. Available in ½ or whole wheels or
random weight (approx. ½ lb.) pre-pack pieces.

FARMHOUSE JACK: A mild, smooth, milky sweet creamy cheese. Great for melting, or cooking, try it for grilled
cheese sandwiches or have it a glass of wine. Available in 5,10 or 20# blocks,½ or random weight (approx. ½ lb.)
pre-pack pieces.

FIREHOUSE JACK: A salsa infused version of our Farmhouse Jack. Available in 5,10 or20# blocks or random
weight (approx. ½ lb.) pre-pack pieces.
West River Creamery at Middletown Farm
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Londonderry, VT 05149
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